Music Production

Creating the appropriate music is another important consideration when crafting your overall public image. Sure there are many options for obtaining royalty free music, but you’re not getting a unique, personalized and stylized song that truly encapsulates and communicates your brand to your audience. In fact, it can be a little embarrassing to hear the same stock music piece you’ve selected being used on every other YouTube video out there. It happens more times than you think!

Razorback Graphic Illustration creates original, instrumental musical scores for film, video and podcasts. All of our music is custom created according to your overall identity and personae. We have the ability to create music of any genre, from a simple four-piece rock arrangement to a classical orchestra composition. We have received certifications from Berklee School of Music and we employ the same recording and mixing techniques being used by the industry today to give your composition a polished, professional sound.

At this point, our primary focus is the development of instrumental music and we do not offer vocal or studio recording services. If you have vocal or studio tracks already recorded in need of editing or mastering we have the ability to do that to your satisfaction.


"1,000 Years" (Film/Video score)

Easy-Listening, slow tempo

"Snickett Style" (Closing credits film score)

Pop/Rock, upbeat tempo

"3DM" (Film/Video title)

Alternative/Rock, upbeat tempo

"Spiral Through Space" (Podcast theme)

Hard Rock, fast tempo

"Bruce Danger" (Film/Video score)

Alternative/Progressive, upbeat tempo

"Dudes Are Awesome" (Podcast theme)

Electronic/Techno, fast tempo

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