Video Production

Thanks in part to the explosion of YouTube and high-speed internet access, streaming video has become an increasing popular avenue for small businesses, organizations and freelancers to communicate, educate, inform and advertise. A good video that keeps a viewer’s attention is no different in concept from a good product: It must be attractive and appealing with an air of respectability. You don’t want to trust your reputation and good name to videos captured on your portable tablet device.

This is probably not the first video production site you’ve visited. Most of them just give you a bullet-point list of services: They record, they edit, they publish to DVD and the web. Is there more? There is. Will your video need a title sequence? Will it need background music or enhanced cinematic color grading? Will your video be used on the web only or will you it be shown from a projector as well? Razorback Graphic Illustration works with you from concept to final production to achieve your vision and save you a ton of money by focusing on what truly works best for you.

But if you want the bullet-point list of what we can do, then here it is:

  • Multicamera HD recording
  • 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Non-linear digital editing
  • Title Sequences & End Plates
  • Chromakey (Green Screen) matting
  • Color grading and enhancement
  • Special Effects and compositing
  • Professional lighting
  • DVD Authoring


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